jms on the Vorlons

This quote was found on the Lurker's Guide, on the page dedicated to "The Fall of Night."

"If he leaves his encounter suit, he will be recognized."
"By who?"

"The First Ones taught the younger races, explored beyond the rim, built civilizations...."

Kosh is what you're pointing at when you say "That's Kosh."

"Yes, the Vorlons have been to Earth, the Vorlons have been everywhere. The Vorlons *are*."

They *are*.

"For centuries, the Vorlons have helped the younger races, guiding us, and --" "And manipulating us?" "It is, as you say, a matter... of perspective."

They *are*...a matter of perspective.

Each race who sees them, sees something out of their own past, their own legends, religions, faiths. A being of light, if you will, but a Drazi sees the Drazi version of that, Droshalla; the Minbari see the Minbari version of that, Valeria; humans see a human version of that.

It is the mirror in which we see our beliefs reflected, but is it the progenitor of those beliefs...or an implanted image that overlays that vision on top of the true form of the Vorlon? Is it revelation, or is it manipulation?

The Vorlons are a cypher. The Vorlons are a matter of perspective. The Vorlons are guides...or users, emissaries or puppeteers, who wish to be seen a certain way, so that we will react properly.

Is this good, or is this bad?

And the truth is, even though you have seen a Vorlon, have you seen THE Vorlon, the one behind the image that dances somewhere between your optic nerve and your brain?

Or to quote a message I left long ago, paraphrased from memory, "The hand Sinclair sees is not the hand Sinclair sees, and the hand Sinclair sees is not the same hand someone else in the room sees, and is not even the hand that that person sees."

The Vorlons Are.